Sarkodie Discusses the Buzz Around His Song ‘Brag’

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has been making headlines with his new song ‘Brag.’ Released in May 2024, this track has sparked a lively rap battle between Ghana and Nigeria. The song, part of his upcoming mixtape “The Championship,” features name-drops of Nigerian stars like Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy.

The Backstory

After the release of ‘Brag,’ Nigerian artist Davido supported his protégé Dremo in responding to Sarkodie’s claims. Sarkodie, however, dismissed Dremo’s response, leading to a wave of support from Ghanaian rappers such as Lyrical Joe, Don Itchi, Wan Nana, Phrimpong, and CJ Biggerman. This collective response created a huge buzz in the music community.

Sarkodie Clarifies

In a recent interview with VoxAfrica, Sarkodie expressed his amusement and appreciation for the attention ‘Brag’ has received. He clarified that his references to artistes like Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy were not meant as disses but were used to highlight his longevity in the music industry. He emphasized that these artists are not his competitors since they are singers, not rappers.

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“I love it because it’s great PR. For Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy, I would never jab them because if I want to jab somebody, it has to be rappers. They are not rappers,” Sarkodie explained.

Celebrating the Buzz

Sarkodie appreciates the organic PR that ‘Brag’ has generated, particularly as it has revived interest in hip-hop. He noted that the excitement surrounding the song is beneficial for the genre, which has not been in the spotlight for some time.

“Even if we sat down to plan this PR, we wouldn’t get this. Organic PR is the best kind of PR you can get. So I’m super proud that there’s energy out there,” he said.

Looking Ahead

Sarkodie is set to release his mixtape “The Championship” on May 24, 2024. He hopes the momentum from ‘Brag’ will continue to build excitement for his upcoming project.

“I’m super proud, but I’m definitely not jabbing anybody. If I’m jabbing anybody, it has to be rappers,” Sarkodie stated, adding that his references were meant to showcase his enduring presence in the music scene, not to attack fellow artists.

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As anticipation grows for “The Championship,” fans eagerly await what Sarkodie will bring next.

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