Medikal Opens Up About Marriage, Music, and Love on GHOne TV

Medikal, the famous Ghanaian rapper, recently shared his thoughts on marriage, music, and love during an interview with Bola Ray on GHOne TV’s Starrrchat. The live-streamed program caught everyone’s attention, especially when Medikal addressed his marital issues with his wife, Fella Makafui. This topic has been buzzing in the Ghanaian media lately.

During the interview, Medikal made a heartfelt statement:

“My music is my life. Anything you hear in my music is what I’m going through; when I’m sad, happy, in love or broke, you hear it all in my music.”

He also talked about love and marriage, adding, “Love is not enough to go into marriage. And I’m not heart-broken.”

These statements have sparked a lot of reactions on social media, especially Facebook. Here’s what netizens had to say:

Okomfo Anokye II:
“I’ve been dancing to your troubles all this while”
55m | Reply

Sy Adjei:
“USHER RAYMOND is genius in this…….”
56m | Reply

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Nana Richwife Princy:
“When you go sleeping around anyhow as a married man all in the name of fame, you should add it too.”
52m | Edited | Reply

Lansi Koffi Lansi:
“Please ensure that your comments are brief and spellings are correct, so that we, the Comment Readers Association, can read quickly and move to the next comment. Thank you. Love you all.”
35m | Reply

Kodzo Gaitu:
“Betraying breaking in your stream”
1h | Reply

Senyo Gh:
“Obia agyi obi girl oooo”
1h | Reply

Medikal’s candidness about his life and music continues to stir conversations and debates online. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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