Kisa Gbekle Criticized for Outfit at Tracy Boakye’s Daughter’s Party

Tracy Boakye, a well-known Ghanaian actress, hosted a grand birthday celebration for her daughter’s fourth birthday on May 18 at her home. The party saw many notable guests, including Fameye, Keche, and Bernice Asare.

However, the spotlight quickly shifted to Kisa Gbekle’s outfit. Gbekle chose to wear a white dress that exposed her nipples, thighs, stomach, and other parts of her body. This choice of attire did not sit well with many online users.

Online Criticism

Many social media users voiced their opinions, arguing that Gbekle’s outfit was inappropriate for a child’s birthday party. Critics emphasized that as a mother and a public figure, Gbekle should have opted for a more modest outfit, especially considering the young attendees present.

Comments ranged from questioning her decision to wear such a revealing dress to expressing disappointment in her choice. The reactions highlighted concerns about the message her outfit might send to the children present.

Contrasting Attire

The criticism also pointed out the contrast between Gbekle’s revealing outfit and the more modest attire of other guests at the party. Many felt that the event called for a more conservative dress code, given its family-friendly nature.

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Notable Guests

Despite the controversy, the party was a star-studded affair with numerous celebrities in attendance, including Fameye, Keche, and Bernice Asare. The event featured lively music, games, and lots of fun for the kids.

Watch the video and see some of the reactions below:

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