Bambie Thug Embarks on European Tour with Ouija-Pop Sound

Bambie Thug European tour
Bambie Thug performing at Eurovision (Image: Andres Poveda)

Eurovision finalist Bambie Thug is ready for “world domination” after being compared to Lady Gaga. Described by DIY Magazine as “Lady Gaga’s final boss form,” the Cork-born goth is set to mesmerize Europe with their unique Ouija-pop sound on the Crown the Witch tour.

Bambie, 31, who secured sixth place in Malmo, shared their love for Lady Gaga, calling her a major influence. “I used to rewrite her songs to learn how to write music. She’s a fashion icon and awesome,” said Bambie.

The artist, who has been affectionately nicknamed Goth Barbie by young fans, explained their complex relationship with identity while growing up in Macroom. “I was almost hyper-feminine, trying to be perfect, but still felt weird and alienated. Moving to London helped me find people like me,” they shared.

Kicking off in August in Brighton, the tour includes shows in Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and ends in their hometown Cork in November. “World domination is on route, it’s real,” Bambie pledged.

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Reflecting on their Eurovision entry, which achieved Ireland’s best vote in 24 years, Bambie acknowledged mixed reactions, especially from the goth scene. They clarified misconceptions about their use of the pentagram, explaining its symbolic meaning in paganism and Satanism.

Bambie also opened up about their practice of witchcraft, a pagan tradition deeply rooted in Ireland’s history. “Witchcraft is about intention and focusing energy. For me, it’s about creating arts and crafts, which gives it power,” they explained.

Growing up non-binary in Macroom was challenging for Bambie. “I was a very depressed child on antidepressants from a young age. My gender journey is still ongoing,” they admitted.

As Bambie Thug embarks on their European tour, they are set to captivate audiences with their unique sound and compelling story, proving that their journey to world domination is only just beginning.

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